Since 1996, 24-time GRAMMY award-winner, Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter has been a dominant force in popular culture. Over the years, in addition to his vast entrepreneurial achievements, Mr. Carter has also devoted his career to address social injustice as well as multiple issues in our educational and criminal legal system. 

Mr. Carter is Co-founder of The Shawn Carter Foundation along with his mother, Hon. Dr. Gloria Carter.  The Foundation opens the doors of education, travel, enlightenment and experiences to those that may never have thought it possible.

He has played an integral part in fighting and bringing about DOJ investigations into the unconstitutional conditions at Parchman prison and corruption in the Kansas City, KS police department.

He has used his voice to raise awareness on Draconian cannabis laws when he teamed with Molly Crabapple for “The War On Drugs Is An Epic Fail,” a history lesson on the war on drugs and a call to end biased policing and mass incarceration. 

Bringing attention to screen, Mr. Carter executive produced the Peabody Award-winning documentary series, TIME: The Kalief Browder Story, which tackled juveniles in solitary confinement and the New York bail system and penned a powerful op-ed on Meek Mill, bringing to light the lifetime prison that is probation. Mr. Carter serves as executive producer of the 2018 critically acclaimed series, Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story and FREE MEEK, the Meek Mill documentary series, which exposed corruption in the Philadelphia police, parole and probation system. 

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