MS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Fort Valley State University, 2018

BSW, Social Work,
Fort Valley State University, 2016

When I first applied for SCF, I was a single mother of one approaching my junior year of college. At the time I was paying for child care out of my school tuition and paying my bills at home. Although I couldn’t work full-time, I knew once I obtained my degree I would be working in my career. Once I received my scholarship I was able to attend summer school the following year and graduate on time. And when I received the second round of funds, I was able to pay for child care because I had maxed out my financial aid. My mother made sure I had money for my bills and my father would purchase my books and miscellaneous bills. The SCF made me believe anything is possible because although I was denied many scholarships in the past, I was ecstatic once I received my scholarship with SCF. I now refer friends and family to SCF because I know there will be a fair chance to gain a scholarship.

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