Director of Training
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Howard University, 2018

Alabama State University, 2016

Going to an HBCU and transitioning was hard, but the fear of my scholarship opportunity was something that always felt heavy to me having a supportive team. Here was amazing. Miss DuVall never faltered, making sure that I had everything that I needed to succeed in the organization, and over the years has consistently been in my corner and kept me in the loop with opportunities. This organization did more than make sure that I became a first-generation college graduate for my family. It empowered me to remember that I am worthy and deserving of the chances that everyone else may be afforded simply because they are what the world considers normal. Being able to speak and train for NASA this year on the 31st I’ll be delivering one of the largest training sessions of my entire career for the entire staff at NASA and I am extremely proud of this moment as the first black trans woman to do so.

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