Founder & CEO: 

Director & Producer:
The Murder Inc. Story on BET

New York University, 2020
MA, Media Culture Communications

San Francisco State University, 2015
BA, Radio & Television

When I first received the Shawn Carter Scholarship during my undergraduate education, I was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in TV and Radio broadcasting. My goal was to become an entrepreneur in the media space. At the time, I was deeply focused on a career in the music industry, which would later transcend into a career in TV and film. But what receiving the SCSF did was lift the financial burden of being a college student from a low-income background and help me focus intently on my education and my extracurricular activities that ultimately built my skills in multimedia and in business.

Just knowing that I had the support of Ms. Carter and the SCF kept me motivated and inspired as I journeyed through my undergraduate career and beyond. Now, over a decade after I first received the scholarship, I am living my dream of being both in the entertainment industry and an entrepreneur as a filmmaker and owner of a multimedia production company.

Were it not for the generosity and inspiration of the Shawn Carter Foundation, the scholarship, Hon. Dr. Gloria Carter, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, and the entire SCF staff over the years, I can honestly say that I would not be the man I am today; fueled by the power of belief and a passion to give back to, and impact my community and culture in a big meaningful way.

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